Lead Retrieval FAQ's

Find the answers to your frequently asked questions related to badge scanning

💭 Do we have to rent physical scanners to use the lead retrieval? 
✔️ You do not need to rent a physical scanner to scan badges - if you have purchased our lead retrieval, you simply download our event app Swapcard, and scan through the app. 

💭 How many of our reps can use the lead retrieval? Do we need to purchase one per person? 
Once you purchase the lead retrieval license, all your in-person representatives will receive access to this feature. You will not need to purchase this per person.   

💭 Can we personalise questions?Picture2
It is not possible to customise questions on the lead retrieval, however you are able to add notes to a contact and rate it for future reference.

💭 How much does the lead retrieval cost? 
✔️ The lead retrieval license is £350 +VAT. You can check if you have this included in your sponsor portal homepage under "My Sponsorship". If you don't have this included and wish to purchase, please contact our Events team via the live chat or by emailing help@oxfordglobal.co.uk

💭 Is the lead retrieval GDPR compliant? 
✔️ Our lead retrieval licences are fully compliant with GDPR regulations.  

 To view our descriptive video please click here.